Why Signum?

In Latin, signum means design — a sign, a symbol, a signature.

For us, signum symbolizes synergy, a collaborative approach to design, and our commitment to building a practice that is greater than the sum of its parts.

Working at Signum

When we formed our partnership in 2011, we had the opportunity to define a new design practice founded on trust, teamwork, inspired problem-solving and the long-term view. We nurture our practice and our culture through our dedication to design integrity and mindful decision-making. We support and empower our staff through mentoring and an inclusive approach to design. As partners, we dedicate ourselves to every project, and we continue to build an environment of creative confidence based on curiosity, collaboration and a willingness to push the language of architecture to achieve something greater.

Juancarlos FernandezJarrod Dentonco-founders

Signum Team

Jarrod Denton
AIA, Partner
Kirsten Shinnamon Baker
AIA, Senior Architect/Project Manager
Gabe Muracchioli
Senior Architect/Project Manager
Paola Gutierrez
Architect/Designer I
Juancarlos Fernandez
iaaia, partner
Jacob Parks
Architect/Designer 1
Kris Laratta
Architect/Designer II
Ana Roby
Entry-level Designer
Anna Hjartoy
Entry level designer


We incorporate our values by actively cultivating relationships and trust. We nurture our practice through design integrity and our culture through mindful decision-making. We empower our staff and encourage them to grow through mentoring and an inclusive approach to design. Like sustainable architecture, sustainable businesses are built to last.

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